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Medical doctors are trained to treat life-threatening emergencies, such as broken bones, bleeding, shock, etc.  They are not trained to recognize the hidden spinal damage.   That is why many people leave the emergency room and go home with a hidden health problem that will only grow worse with time.  They are usually prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxants, and told they will be sore for a few weeks. The problem is that the body repairs the soft tissue damage with scar tissue.  This begins to form in the first 30 days post-injury.  By the time the patient realizes their pain is not going away, this scar tissue is well on it's way to permanency.  It is CRUCIAL to begin the proper treatment as soon as possible after your injury.
Several scientific studies have shown that more than 50% of people injured in collisions are still having symptoms 2 years later.  This includes people who sought care for their injuries.  This is an epidemic in our country, and why Dr. Cross takes personal injury cases very seriously.  If the patient can't return to pre-accident status, our goal is to help them recover as much function as possible, and to document the case well so the patient can be compensated for their loss without an extended fight with the insurance company.  This may include ligament damage in the neck, which is a permanent injury for which the patient should be compensated by the at fault party.
Your care consists of three phases.  During the first phase, the patient's pain level should be diminished fairly quickly.  During the second phase, the pain level continues to lessen as we work on correction of the problem areas.  The third phase involves rehabilitation, in which we are working to restore the patient to pre-injury strength and mobility.  For more information on these phases, please see the "What to expect" page under the New Patient Center.

Dr. Cross is 1 of only 4 doctors in Tucson with advanced certification in Whiplash and Spinal trauma care, MAKING HIS OFFICE THE PLACE TO SEEK CARE FOR AUTO INJURIES.
For more information on whiplash, please visit the Spine Research Institute of San Diego website at www.srisd.com.

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Dr. Cross is by far the best Chiropractor I have ever been to. I am 55 and have been getting chiropractic care since my early 20s for my neck and upper back. I recently discovered I have an atlas subluxation and was so happy to discover Dr. Cross. In fact he is the only Doctor in Tucson using this technique. An upper cervical Chiropractor is called an Orthogonist. He is also a holistic Chiropractor treating all areas of the body including health and wellness. So don't walk...run to Doctor Cross for any aches or pains. He is a truly amazing empathetic and humble person and a phenomenal Doctor.

Cheryl P.
Tucson, AZ

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